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Recycling Your Old Vehicles to Help Keep the Planet Green
GreenVehicleDisposal.com is the ONLY North American Wide Cooperative Network of Green Recyclers
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Free Towing and Competitive Pricing Paid for your Junk Car!

Solutions We Offer


Used in numerous government-sponsored programs for carbon sequestration, it's all about a charcoal that's plant-based.


Every year we research numerous technologies about new ways to manufacture clean, high-quality biocoal.


With so many companies going green in the last couple decades, there must be someone who provides sustainable fuel solutions.


In regard to this specific type of biofuel, we see it as one of the best options to go for renewable oils and powerhouse ingredients.


Concerning the biofuels, it's probably the industrial sector of the economy that uses it the most.


Used a lot for cars recently, biofuels such as biodiesel all provide a great relief for our planet and your expenditures.

What are we?
North America’s first and largest harmonized solution dedicated toward the proper treatment of vehicles reaching the end of their useful lives. Helping to save the planet one car at a time.
What do we do?

We pick-up your old car for free and often offer a cash payment. Then we ensure your vehicle is disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner, meeting and exceeding all legislated requirements.

Charity Car Programs

When recycling your old car please consider donating the proceeds to help a charity of your choice. We take NO FEES for this service.
Charity Car Program US
Charity Car Program Canada

Do you need parts?
Selecting used auto parts will save you money and help to keep our planet safe and green! Click here to start your search

How It All Started

It`s all about doing the right thing for the planet!

Our company is an end-to-end, customer centric disposal program for end-of-life vehicles.

Firstly, it is important to understand that automotive recycling is one of the original green industries. Our founder, Standard Auto Wreckers has a 40 year history in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our goal is to bring together auto recyclers from across North America and offer seamless solutions to our customers in getting rid of their old vehicles in an environmentally responsible manner.

1. Schedule

Contact us now to sell your car and have it picked up for free. We will do everything we can do accommodate your schedule for pickup.

2. Get Paid

As green auto recyclers we are the end-users of these vehicles. Therefore we will be able to pay you top dollar for your old car.

3. Breath Easy

We are green and support local charities. so you can rest assured that you did the right thing.

Recycling your Old Vehicle is a Great Way to Help the Planet Stay Green and Reduce your Carbon Footprint We also Offer you the Option of Donating your Vehicle to the Charity of your Choice and We Take Zero Fees !


I think it is fantastic that I am able to recycle my old car this way and I even got paid some cash for it, win-win, thanks!

Sarah L. CEO Fun in the Sun

I am a big fan of used auto parts and have been able to keep my cars on the road that much longer, disposing of it this way just makes sense.

Andrew J. Author and Musician

I have driven many vehicles to the end of their useful life and disposing of them with an accredited recycler is always very important to me. That is why I use Green Vehicle Disposal.

Gareth S. Contractor

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