Car Donations

A vehicle that is no longer in or of use and has not yet been disposed of becomes a major collector of filth and debris and a major eyesore for those around it.  Moreover, vehicles that have been left abandoned for an extended period of time often become prime targets for defacement and theft.  If you have any vehicle that is no longer of any use to you and you’re not quite sure of what to do with it, contact us at 1-877-End Of Life or The process is quick and simple, all you have to do is sign over your title or ownership, and we’ll do the rest!

Donate your End Of Life Vehicle today! Canadian Donations

Donate your End Of Life Vehicle today! USA Donations

Our network welcomes any and all towable vehicle (s) despite condition or age.  The program implemented by brings positive gains for both parties.  We are working together to sustain our environment by properly managing the disposal of End Of Life Vehicles throughout North America.

You, as a donor of a vehicle, benefits from the tax receipt/deduction (if applicable) as well as the removal of the vehicle from your premises.  If there is no benefit reaped in the form of a tax deduction, the benefit is found in knowing that you have positively contributed to the pro-environmental systems and procedures to handle your End Of Life Vehicle.

We greatly appreciate your time, effort and donation, without you we could not help to ensure End Of Life Vehicles are recycled responsibly!!!

Due to the recent occurrences of fraudulent charities, here are a few tips to follow when donating items:

  • Do not give to a charity unless you know something about it.
  • Always request written information from the charity/organization regarding its programs and where donated items end up.
  • Ask who or what cause will benefit from your contribution.
  • Find out if your contribution is tax-deductible.
  • To find out if the proposed charity is a registered US Charity check with the IRS by clicking here. For Canadian Registered Charities please check with Revenue Canada by clicking here.

How to donate your vehicle:

  • Complete our on-line donation form.
  • Make sure you include current e-mail address, phone number and mailing address (for your tax receipt).
  • Please state if the vehicle is at a different address than your mailing address. State preferred time and date of pick up if necessary or any other information such as flat tires, underground garage, etc. Submit form.
  • Once your donation form is complete, it will be sent to the nearest Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF), for processing.
  • This Affiliate will contact you to clarify a time and date for the pick up of your vehicle. (generally within 24 hours)
  • Once your vehicle has been picked up, with the signed title/ownership and keys included, the Affiliate will forward a check to the Charity you have chosen. 100% of the purchase price for the vehicle will be sent to the Charity
  • You will receive a tax receipt directly from the charity you have seleted in a imely manner.
  • Once again, we sincerely appreciate the donation of your vehicle.