BMW Reveals New Green Concept Cars

For all of you that love Beemers, the names of the two cars are the i3 and i8. The i3 is a fully electric green car that seeks to corner the market on luxury urban travel. The SUV style vehicle is projected to get 93 miles to a charge which may seem short to some, but for urban driving this is more than enough. BMW has also announced that the i3 will be able to charge to 80% battery power in an hour, meaning it will easily be able to charge during work or a lunch for those with an overly long commute.

Additionally, the production of these cars will be conducted under green standards at BMW’s Leipzig, Germany plant. The plant will produce the cars using renewable energy sources and the production itself will be carbon neutral. These green manufacturing standards are essential to green car production and it is good to see the German car manufacturer taking them seriously.

With the i3 concept car BMW is showing the world they are taking the green car revolution seriously.

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