10 Cool Green Car Prototypes

Love this feature, it is a must-read for car fanatics like me! Each year, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum — arguably the world’s largest and longest-running green car expo — pulls together the latest in cutting edge alt-fuel autos with some of the brightest engineers, thought leaders and innovators in the world of sustainable transportation.

But don’t be fooled, it’s not all Priuses and hippies.

In its 11th iteration, the Challenge Bibendum — held mostly annually since 1998 — found itself schizophrenically burning rubber and hypermiling at the same time on the tarmac of the historic Tempelhof airport in the middle of Berlin, Germany. The runways and terminals that once hurried defecting East Germans out of West Berlin were enhanced by the presence of hundreds of vehicles from most of the world’s major automakers — and a few unknowns — who willingly gave participants test drives and rides in some of the rarest vehicles on the planet.

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