Taxi Companies

Attention to all Taxi Companies

Are you looking to dispose of your older taxis, but not sure who is willing to take them, or who is willing to pick them up? Are these older vehicles currently not in use, and taking up space at your facility? If yes, then is the answer for you!! We are a network committed to the pick up and disposal of end of life vehicles. By finding your closest affiliate, we can have those unused or older vehicles off your hands and into one of our recycling facilities quicker than you can hope for.

We are committed to the eco-friendly disposal of all vehicles we pick up, and aim to work with all facets of the automobile industry to ensure that all end of life vehicles find a final resting place that is committed to preservation of the environment. To get those vehicles off your hands, and to help us in our quest for environmental preservation, find your closest affiliate at or call us at 1-877-363-6354 (1- 877-End Of Life).

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